Epoxy Floor Company Near Me – Southern Illinois

For you, concrete designs may be same and give you the dull and boring appearance? You will be surprised from our services and your family and friends will be amazed to see the new look of your floor. Convert your dull plain concrete floor to something really astonishing with elegant and bold color scheme right Now!

Find the right company by searching for an “epoxy floor company near a me” The best company usually pops up and in this case, it’s us. Southern Illinois Epoxy. With the variety of texture and stamping techniques you can decorate your oasis and avoid from stress of being dull beach outlook. Decorative Concrete Palm Beach offer services to both residential and commercial clients of Palm Beach. You can arrange a free onsite estimate for your beach by giving us a call.

Customer first priority

Decorative Concrete Palm Beach uses customer first approach for the satisfaction of our customers. Our team is fully engaged with all the clients and provide them complete updates of the process and maintain a follow up sheets with them. We provide best customer service experiences.

Artistic methodology of Decorative Concrete Palm Beach

You want excellent beauty and artistic look of your property and we not only give such look of your property but also increase the value of your property.

Loftier results of Decorative Concrete Palm Beach

From basic designs to complex decorations and flatwork, our team uses the high quality of material just to provide you superior services with remarkable results.

Decorative Concrete Palm Beach is Cost Friendly

You are not require to pay extra charges for your property in order to give it a new look. Decorative concrete Palm Beach allows you the intelligent investment and help you to impress your clients, guest and workers.

Decorative Concrete Palm Beach Refinishing techniques

Refinishing techniques spread the overlay on the concrete to give it neat and clean finishing. It transfer the worn outdoor surface into something very innovative.

Decorative Concrete Palm Beach is Weather friendly

Decorative concretes are weather friendly to humid, rainy, sunny and windy. The floor remains cool during sunny day because of the reflection of light and concretes do not displace from their place during the windy day.

Decorative Concrete Palm Beach is Resistant to harsh pool chemical

Our new advanced technology makes the pool surface nonskid, remain cooler and resist too many of the harmful chemicals present in pools.

Decorative Concrete Palm Beach Stabilization

Naples is another area similar to Palm beach life. It has been investigated from the previous records that in Palm Beach life of business and home is mostly built on sand. This causes the surface cracked and moves the concrete from its place. Our services provide you the solution of this problem. The concrete solution is first spread beneath the surface. This solution contains the structural polymers that fill up the holes and crakes and prevent the surface from destruction. It is also a fact that if you delayed on repairing the big loss you will bear.  Therefore, we advise you the best remedy for leveling your floor.

We have the expertise and reputation that you can depend on our services. Ou team makes a proper layout of project before starting ant task. The steps of process may include; planning, designing, estimations, material or solution preparation, built up and follow up of daily working. Therefore, such structured working also enhances your level of trust on US!

Decorative Concrete-Delray Beach

Decorative Concrete is the new hit thing in the market. Available at Epoxy FloorsDelray Beach, this flooring system is unique and aesthetic at the same time. Epoxy Floors at Delray Beach have installed this in various places including restaurants, offices, malls, hotels, garages and may other places. The possibilities where you can install decorative concretes are countless.

Decorative concrete can be used to create any look you desire. You can change your otherwise dull and boring old space to a colorful and bright place. You can choose the designs according to your rooms and styles and renovate. Or you can create and customize your own design. Decorative concrete also gives you the opportunity to make your concrete floors look like marble, granite, slate or tiles or anything else. You can make your floors replicate the look of these expensive stones without actually having to pay huge sums for it. This is the reason why Decorative Concrete has become a favourite of residential and commercial space owners.

Epoxy Floors also provides you with various finishes that you can select from that range from a glamorous to a high-end finish. All of these are affordable so you will not feel bad spending money. Our main goal is to create you a space that you will fall in love with. The best part about Decorative Concrete is that you don’t have to demolish your old floors but instead ca have them layered on with our decorative concrete mix. You are free of the hassle and pain of getting rid of your old floors.  We can also install decorative concrete on new floors. Our experienced decorative installers can handle any look you hand them.

Here at Epoxy Floors Delray Beach we present to our customers a variety of Decorative Concretes to select from. We have the Stamped Concrete Overlay which if used can make your concrete surface look like rows of bricks. We also have Concrete Acid Stain available in which we use acid staining to create unique and colorful concrete finishes. This type is mainly used in patios and terraces and hotels. In addition to that we have Trowel-On in which we give concrete a textured final look. This option has been used in restaurants and offices and even hotels and their lobbies.

Decorative Concrete at Delray Beach is highly durable and strong. You do not have to worry about your floors being destroyed from heavy machinery, or cuts or scratches etc. These floors are also resistant to dust, dirt and debris. As they are resistant to molds and mildew, you will not have to worry about maintenance costs on these floors. You also don’t need to hire help to get these floors cleaned, as just a sweep or a mop would suffice.

Epoxy Floors Delray Beach has the latest technology to install your decorative concrete. We have the most experienced staff at our hands, who are keen to give you the products you ordered. So order your Decorative Concrete NOW!


Metallic Epoxy Floors St. Paul

Metallic Epoxy Floors in St. Paul take care of the clients and provide them hand woven services. Our clients love to hire us for enhancing the beauty of their floor because our services provide them with exciting look of their floor.

Metallic Epoxy Floors in St. Paul are multi-layered

Metallic epoxy is the special multi-layered coating in St. Paul. The metallic varnishing system use the metallic mixed into clear epoxy coating to generate many interesting effects. The powder present in the varnish continues to spread on the floor without any extra labor. The metals used for such mixtures are in continuous movement that provide different color scheme to the floor.

Types of Metallic Epoxy Floors in St. Paul

We offer mainly three different types of metallic epoxy flooring depending on the situation or place that where the coating will be installed. All types of flooring cost the same for our clients but durability is guaranteed.

Color scheme of Metallic Epoxy Floors in St. Paul

Our flooring system provide you with unique color schemes. The selection of the color for the floor id thee choice of the client. The combination of color also increases the variety for the color which in turn also enhances the look of floor.

Installation of Metallic Epoxy Floors in St. Paul

There are two different techniques while installing Metallic Epoxy Floors in St. Paul. In each of our system will serve as your main coat, creating a permanent and strong bond with the concrete. The techniques used for installation are;

Metallon 500

Metallon 50

Metallon 100

All these techniques build high quality flooring, only the different among them is the raw material used. The fixing process is almost same, the constituents are mixed with drill mixer and then spill it on the floor.          If you want to add more coloring than different color are mixed during the mixing process. The final coat of the floor is performed by high density chemical that provide the security against heavy traffic.

Colors available for Metallic Epoxy Floors in St. Paul

Metallic epoxy floor coating in St.Paul have twelve standard metallic colors, however, our customer is not limited to only twelve color options. You can also choose a multiple different metallic colors throughout your floor, allowing you for the endless amounts of designing originality and personalization.

Advantages Metallic Epoxy Floors in St. Paul

There are many advantages of the metallic epoxy floor in St. Paul. Few of them explained below.

  • Metallic epoxy floor coatings can be design to become extremely durable.
  • Low yellowing of floor.
  • Unbroken when heavy traffic of heavy material is placed on it.
  • Slip resistant – do not contain chemicals that causes slips due to greasy appearance of floor.
  • Chemical resistant – whenever any chemical spill on it, it don’t damage the floor design and color scheme.

By using Metallic Epoxy Floors in St. Paul not only your floors look beautiful, but will meet all of your requirements of strength, durability and safety.

The Connected Home

The Connected Home

Innovation + Flexibility

The connected home is changing quickly so it’s important to invest in something that will grow with you and keep up with market innovation. We partner with industry leaders to provide an array of devices to choose from, and we continually create new features to make your home better. What does that mean? It means you won’t get stuck waiting for that garage door control that can work with the thermostat you invested so much in last year.

Continuous Updates

We routinely launch new functionality to enhance your system. Accessing the latest features is as easy as updating your app.

Add Devices

Alarm.com connects devices through a sophisticated cloud service so that new ones can be added as they become available.

Home Audio Theaters

Home Audio Theaters


We, here at CHS TV & Audio pride ourselves on customer service and the quality of our products. The new revolution of high definition television has raised the bar in the industry to a new level. It takes us far beyond today’s standard video and audio capabilities. The future is here today!

What is HDTV?

HDTV stands for high definition television, and it is just that. This is a different type of signal and picture quality, audio and format than what is traditionally seen through out the country. To put it simply HDTV signal can produce six times the amount of information that a current cable, antenna, or satellite signal can bring into your home. This translates to unbelievable detail and clarity of your favorite programs.

How are HDTVs different from my current TV?

Current televisions have the ability to show pictures made up of 525 lines of resolution. The HD television can create 1080 lines with an even wider viewing surface. Around 300,000 pixel dots make up a picture on your current television. With HDTV over 2 million pixels are produced. This in turn gives you the added information to produce the impeccable clarity and detail. HD televisions are also usually wide screen (16×9) formatted, similar to a cinema screen. Most televisions are in the standard (4×3) format. The reason for the change in the design of HD televisions from the standard to wide screen is because the HDTV signal is broadcast in the wide screen format. This gives you a much larger viewing area exactly as the filmmaker intended.

If I buy an HD television can I start viewing HD programming?

Not exactly. Just because you purchase a television that is HD or HD ready doesn’t mean you are seeing high definition. In order to put your new HD television to work you must first have the proper equipment in place to receive the HD broadcast. HDTV is broadcast via terrestrial antenna, multi-sat HD satellite systems, HD cable systems, and HD VHS players.

How do I know what HD television to buy? What equipment do I need at my house to make it all work?

That is where we come in. CHS TV & Audio has been a leader in providing the latest high-tech electronics available since we started in 1959. We have seen numerous changes through out our three generations of business. We have always provided a wealth of information and the latest equipment necessary to make you an informed consumer. We handle a full line of HD and HD ready televisions. With names like Sony, Toshiba, and Panasonic you can be rest assured that you are getting the best! We also handle and install everything from digital antennas to HD satellite systems to bring the future to your home today. Contact us today to see the exciting possibilities in your area. The sky’s the limit with CHS TV & Audio!

In addition, CHS TV & Audio specializes in the ultimate sight and sound Home Theater Experience!

Our professional installers and designers come on-site and create for you a personal home theater experience that rivals all others. From new home construction to churches, synagogues, restaurants, bars, schools and other public areas, CHS TV can fill all the needs of your particular facility-public or private.

Choose from one of our pre-packed Home Theater in a Box systems or call or e-mail us about building a you a Custom Home Theater System!

Custom Home Theater Services

Custom Home Theater Services

We offer many new services in our new Custom Home Theater Division.

From the Top of the Line High Definition Projectors, to the High Contrast Cinema Vision Screens, Dolby 5.1 Digital Surround Sound Systems, and everything in between. Custom Home Cinema furnishings and accessories can be found to fit any lifestyle…

Stop in anytime to see what all the talk is about in Home Cinema!!